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My Mission

My mission is to elevate, impact and influence the life of very human being God places in my life. I believe we are all created uniquely and distinctly by God for greater good all mankind.  My hope is you leave this space being impacted for the better and challenged to discover your predestined purpose. 


My Story

For over a decade, Alfreda has taught biblical principles that elevate the life women and ministry leaders. My philosophy in ministry is quite simple if the Word says it, I believe it and if I believe in something it has the power to change my life.  

Alfreda is the founder of The Discernment Institute. An online learning hub teaching leaders how to elevate, influence and impact others through the power of discernment, prayer and spiritual living. 

Alfreda is born and raised in Oklahoma City and can be found teaching and preaching at her local church assembly or online.

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